Use Spit as Lube? We Have all Done it!

Use Spit as Lube? We Have all Done it!

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Can you use spit as lube? Now, we all know that when things are getting a little dry during intercourse and a drop of spit goes a long way and I am sorry to be so crude straight away, but it is true! However when speaking to some women, they simply said they just do not like it. With one woman stating: 

“I find nothing worse than a man who spit on his fingers and tries to touch me. It is such a big turnoff, please check me first, I am probably very wet already”.

I have always been fine with it, and it's something I have never really questioned. But come to think about it, when you have been out all night, eating and drinking, that bacteria is all over your spit, then all over your precious parts… B.V starts coming to mind!

Now I am fine with a bit of saliva, it is needed to finish the race sometimes for sure, but we do need to start thinking about playing safer and looking after ourselves as much as we possibly can. A study conducted by the University of California, found a link between certain bacteria in the mouth which supports the growth of bacteria in our vaginas and causes infections like bacterial vaginosis. So, can receiving oral actually be the source of your problems?

Playing Safer

Now after you ask for their STI test results, we are not asking you to ask if they have brushed their teeth, but thinking about these things or trying to actually implement them can go a long way with helping to keep our bacteria levels in our vaginas how they should be. Here are some ways that you can play safer when it comes to trying to keep wet and pleasured during sex.

  1. Keep lube handy! Lube is such a great way to keep wet, wild and pleasure rates very high. It is important when choosing a lube you choose one that is not full of all different ingredients that actually can make things a little worse down there. Do not use spit as lube. Shop CBD lubricant here.
  2. Coconut oil goes a long way! If you want a really hot, sexy, slip and slide session this one is great! I found my vagina reacts great to this as well.
  3. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash before getting down and dirty! Like the study conducted by the University of California. There are links between infection and mouth bacteria.

Sexy, fresh and ready to have fun!